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Private Tutoring vs Online Tutoring

Private tutoring has taken a back seat as of late, to the world of online tutoring. Most parents would prefer that their child’s math tutor be facing them one-on-one. If your child is having trouble with math you should definitely hire a tutor. Regardless of which method you choose, the fact that you obtaining help for your child is the biggest step to take. There are benefits to hiring both a private and an online tutor. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages to them both.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has quite a few benefits and is becoming the primary way to get math assistance. Online math tutoring offers at-home learning with the use of a computer and the internet. The help that your child will receive is on-demand and there is always help available to help with homework, test preparation, and assignments. There are times when online tutors have knowledge that face-to-face tutors may not. If they do not have the knowledge then they have easy access to it via the internet.

Online tutoring provides parents with an affordable and convenient option for their children. You can typically pay up front for an entire month which makes it cost-effective and extremely convenient to both child and parents.

Private Tutoring

Parents sometime prefer having a face-to-face tutor for their child. There are some children that learn better when they have someone right in front of them. Private tutoring is traditionally only available during the school year. Body language, eye contact, and face-to-face conversation can be beneficial to some students depending on how they learn. If a student is not very tech savvy then private tutoring is the best option.

One of the pitfalls to private tutoring is that it can be quite expensive. Most tutors charge by the hour and only are available during the school year. This could be very inconvenient for both parents and students.

Which one is better?

Both online and private tutoring have their perks. It depends on how your child learns. Every child learns differently so if they are tech savvy then online tutoring is the best option for them. It is the most convenient of the two options and the least expensive. If your child requires one-on-one attention then the private tutoring option would be great for them. It depends on the child and how they learn. Weigh out the pros and cons of the two and figure out what is best for your child.

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