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Why Choose RSquare Edge Business Analytics Training in New York?

The big data movement is only in its infancy and continues to grow at a most amazing rate. As a data oriented student you recognize the value of readying yourself for a rewarding and secure future. There are literally thousands of jobs available in this field, but having a Master’s Degree does not guarantee you will get the best position. This is where business analytics training in New York from RSquare Edge can be so helpful.

Do You Possess the Vital Skills for the Top Jobs?

You may have an impressive resume (or so you think). In fact, you could have a degree and on the job experience but many of today’s positions in big data require more than this. They want skills like:

  Data visualization

*   Analysis and reporting

*   Survey creations

*   Computer language and technology

  Project management

*   Business strategies


RSquare Edge business analytics training in New York is there to fill in the gaps you may need for your job qualifications.

Training Beyond Textbook Knowledge

We provide you with the skills companies are desperately searching for today. Here are the highlights of the benefits you will receive from your business analytics training in New York:

*   Certified Data Analytics Practitioner – as a certified analytics professional, you will have many doors of opportunities opened to you. This lets employers know you have all the skills and qualifications necessary for the job, and there is no need for long training periods.

*   Qualified instructors – our people come from some of the finest universities and corporations on the planet. They bring with them, a great deal of practical knowledge, which they are willing to pass on to you.

  Job opportunities – part of the program includes hooking you up with the best available positions and the best companies. Plus, we are here to help you find career satisfaction, not just employment.

The Enrollment Process

If you are interested in our business analytics training in New York, fill out an online application and submit a job resume. You will need a minimum of an undergraduate degree.

You also are required to take an aptitude exam online. This is very important because we use this information to determine the best training for your needs.

Finally, you will receive an interview from the team. After your interview, we will notify you if you have been accepted to the program. If you need assistance with tuition financing, we are here to help and answer any of your questions. To request additional information, visit the RSquare Edge home page and click the “request info” button on the top right hand corner.

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