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Joining a Data Science Boot Camp in New York

The science of analyzing and processing data is becoming more and more common nowadays. Many forward-thinking companies now use big data extensively before making investment decisions. Companies use extensively large sets of data in order to find out more about particular business trends, consumer preferences and other important information. A number of processing applications can be used to extract information from big data and then use it in order to make a decision.

Since it is an emerging field in the world of business and research, many experts and pundits have spoken about the importance of using big data in many different industries. Companies that process information from big data use a variety of unconventional methods and processing applications in order to extract information. Hidden patterns, correlations and other insights can be extracted from seemingly random data. If you wish to become a data analyst, you will need to join a data analyst program.

At RSquare Edge, we offer a highly extensive course for people who are looking to become data analysts. The Certified Data Analyst Program that we offer was developed by some of the most reputable individuals in the industry. Many of the people who worked in designing the course outline graduated from Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton University.

What We Offer

At RSquare Edge, we offer a complete data science boot camp in New York. The program we offer covers everything that you need to know about data science, as well as the methods used in order to extract information. Taught and led by some of the biggest names in the industry, we have carefully worked on the course outline in order to ensure that students receive the best possible education through our program. Our main aim in developing the course outline was to empower students with expertise on how to use big data, and detect hidden patterns and important information.

Why Join Us?

RSquare Edge was created with the singular purpose of helping people get the best out of themselves. Many of the people who joined our data science boot camp went on to become top employees at some of the world’s biggest firms. Many companies now hire big data analysts in order to help in analytics and in making better decisions.

Given the fact that our course is widely regarded as one of the best in the business, we urge students who are looking to forge new careers for themselves to apply! We guarantee that you will learn a lot of new things, and will be well equipped to handle large sets of data and become better at your job!

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