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The Importance of ADHD Coaching during Freshman Year of College

While some ADD students learn to manage their symptoms better as they get to high school, many are not that lucky. This means they will still be dealing with the effects of this condition as they approach their college years, which can pose a more significant challenge. This is why it’s important to seek an independent college counselor who will be able to offer ADHD students the guidance they need to be successful. Greenhaus College Consulting works with many ADHD students during senior year of high school and the first year of college.

Unique Needs!

Despite learning to better manage ADHD, students will need to make sure they choose a college that can best accommodate their needs. Greenhaus College Consulting can assist families in providing these services to students in high school so they can properly prepare for their future. It’s crucial to talk to professionals who have made it their job to understand the nuances of the disabilities office at each college and help students explore the options that are the best fit for them.


While college counselors are trained to help students find the best fit colleges, not all of them are trained to help students with lower grade point averages than the admitted pool of students. Finding a pathway towards success is key for these students. Without the right training and experience, an independent counselor will not be equipped to make the proper recommendations and guide students in this important decision. This leads to a higher likelihood of dropping out of school and not completing their degree. It also leads to high levels of frustration for both the student and their parents. Receiving general educational consultations early from an experienced team will ensure the best results. Going to college is a major step for any child. With the assistance of the right independent college counselor, even students with ADHD can make smart choices for their educational future. If your child has ADHD, contact aprofessional who can put you on the right track. Greenhaus College Consulting works with student in San Diego, California as well as by Skype and phone all of the California area. In addition to college counseling they offer academic coaching for current college students seeking assistance as they begin their freshman year.

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