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Industrial Design

When you are interested in working for a company that produces products for customers, you should earn a degree in industrial design. Industrial design graduate programs offer intensive education in the understanding of engineering modern products for the world’s consumers. Today, most products are mass-produced by manufacturing companies that sell a variety of goods such as electronics, appliances and musical instruments. Before a company begins mass-producing a product, it wants to make sure that the item is desired by its consumers.

Numerous Skills

With a degree in industrial design, you will learn numerous skills, including analyzing what customers want from a product. Creativity is an important element of industrial design so that a customer will want to replace a similar product with a newer version of the item. Anyone working in the area of industrial design should also understand the basic principles of engineering for particular types of products so that the items are functional. Today, many existing products are changed slightly with minimal upgrades that will make a consumer want to buy the product. Part of working in the industrial design field is the ability to market a different product using print or media advertising methods.

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Industrial design graduate programs are designed for expanding your knowledge of various concepts to make you more employable in a competitive market. Within this educational discipline, you might learn more about drafting designs, understanding architecture and using modern technology to create new products or to improve older products. Within industrial design, it is possible to become an innovator who invents new products that will improve the lives of people with items such as medical devices. For more information about industrial design graduate programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, you can visit our website at

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