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Top Three Tools for Elearning Development

You produce quality electronic learning courses through instructional design and course authoring tools. You create visually appealing, quality online courses through elearning development tools. These tools also help you provide relevant and engaging content. There are many elearning development tools to address instructional design areas, content authoring and course delivery. Using a combination of these tools is ideal. Read below to find out about the top three tools you should have in your arsenal.


Wikispaces is a popular elearning development application from Wiki. You use this tool to build and alter interconnected websites. You easily and conveniently collaborate knowledge sharing and electronic online learning. Experts share their tips, explanations and opinions to your Wiki. You choose from a variety of affordable pricing models, which attracts many users.


You can provide excellent online learning through video conferences and webinars. Dimdim is an application hosted through cloud computing, making it flexible and convenient. Dimdim doesn’t require users to download additional files or software to utilize video conferencing or sharing capabilities. Dimdim also has collaborative features that allow users to interact with each other through an online whiteboard. The open-source version allows designers and developers to incorporate the features into other courses and development tools.


You can create online mind maps using Mindmeister. This activity stimulates online learning through concept visualization. You use Mindmeister for engaging discussions, brainstorming activities, concept analysis and problem solving.

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