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Questions To Ask To Find The Top Corporate Training Companies In Mumbai

There are two basic reasons for businesses in Mumbai to look for top corporate training companies. The number one reason is to provide leadership and professional development opportunities for their leadership and management teams. The second one is that in the absence of training, it is very challenging to go to the next level and meet organizational goals successfully. Therefore, hiring facilitators and leadership trainers from the top corporate training companies and utilizing their services for all the training needs makes good business sense.

The top corporate training companies in Mumbai work closely with your business to create customized training to meet your goals. Working with a reputed corporate training company takes out all the guesswork and research out of hiring good facilitators for each training requirement while also provides a more cohesive training model that builds on past successful trainings, thus leading to structured leadership and soft skills development.

Past Training Services

The top corporate training companies can provide information and testimonials on past trainings provided. The more expertise and experience the training company has in working with different companies, the more comprehensive and inclusive the training structure and content will be. The clientele list of the training company will also indicate your industry related expertise.

Ability to Customize Training Programs

Not all training companies provide customized training programs. Some offer off the shelf or only offer a specific training that is pre-set, which may or may not meet the unique needs of your business. By working with the top corporate training companies offering personalized trainings, the participants get the training they need to begin implementation/execution of ideas immediately towards organizational transformation.

Methodology & Tools Utilized in Training

Corportae Training companies should take advantage of best practices to incorporate various options in adult training and professional development. Providing a range of activities including lectures, role plays, interactive group discussions, videos, games and simulations make training engaging while also maximizing learning and retention. Specific change management tools of neuroleadership (usage of neuroscience to improve leadership traits), Neurolinguistic Programming and psychometric assessments will be an added advantage.

Follow-up Services

In addition to training, look closely at the follow-up services the training company provides. Executive, leadership coaching and long term leadership development programs are an excellent way to continue to advance professional development within any company and leadership team.

Accreditations/Certifications of the Facilitators

If proof of the pudding is in it’s eating, in the training world the accreditations, certifications and proof of work with testimonials of the facilitators make all the difference to the training objectives. Hence meet them up to check on quality and chemistry. Visit Drishti Centre for Excellence for more information.

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