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“Learning in the Flow of Work” Is Effective Corporate Training

Corporate training is necessary for all businesses to keep their employees up to date with the latest information and technology. However, the models for corporate training have changed throughout the years, transitioning from traditional classrooms to e-learning. The latest, best new model for training is a system called “Learning in the Flow of Work.” Once you understand the value of this type of system, you can make the most informed decision for your own training needs.

What Is “Learning in the Flow of Work?”

If you work in a business at a corporate level, your company will likely have a learning management system (LMS). Traditional e-learning models are easy to use and lead you from one place to another. However, the research-based, best way to retain information is through micro-learning. “Learning in the Flow of Work” is a type of corporate training that allows workers to learn small bits of information at a time. This is also the most cost-effective and efficient way to train staff because most of it can be done from their desks at work. It can also assist with talent-management.

How Does “Learning in the Flow of Work” Function?

“Learning in the Flow of Work” is a type of learning management system that involves embedding corporate training into the platform they usually use during work. This type of adaptive learning system delivers short, two to three minute videos every day when an employee logs in to work. In addition, the system real-time tools give workers learning tools, guidance and performance support. This means your employees are always learning and are more likely to retain and use what they learn each day to the benefit of your business.

Does your company need custom learning solutions for corporate training? Contact us today! Our specialists are more than happy to discuss the benefits of transitioning to this type of corporate training with you.

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