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Why Your Child May Need One of the Special Needs School in St. Louis, MO

Why Your Child May Need One of the Special Needs Schools in St. Louis, MO

It is estimated that 20% of children have a learning disability. A learning disability can be a stumbling block. However, there are special needs schools in St. Louis, MO, that can help your child learn. There are several signs that indicate your child needs special education.

Lack of Progress in Elementary School

The signs of a learning disability are typically present in elementary school. If your child is not progressing the way they should, then they may have a learning disability. It is important to note that some children learn faster than others. Teacher feedback and your child’s participation in class are some of the key things you need to look at.

Poor Literacy Skills

Reading and writing are basic skills necessary for each student to be successful. If your child has trouble reading or writing, it will effect all areas of academics. There are special needs schools in St. Louis, MO that provide individual reading and writing curriculum based on each students’ needs.

Struggling to Follow Directions

Many people assume that a child doesn’t follow directions because they don’t want to listen. However, a failure to follow directions can sometimes be a sign of a learning disability. They may have a problem remembering and understanding the instructions.

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