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The Advantage of Earning A Medical Degree in the USA

Students in India face steep challenges in earning a seat in an MBBS program within the country. Annually, over 16 lakh students apply for admission to the MBBS programs, with only 75,893 possible seats.

In addition, half of these seats are in private colleges. Families considering these educational settings face tuition and fees of up to 20 lakh per year, which is simply beyond the budget for most families. To make things even more challenging, there is the same issue with the ability to earn a PG in India, and students often appear for the NEET PG for multiple years before being accepted or moving into another professional field.

A Practical Solution

Aspiring doctors and medical specialists in India can turn to universities offering a medical degree in USA. Highly rated universities such as Spartan Health Science University in St. Lucia in the Caribbean provide a full 5-year academic course of study to earn an MBBA.

In addition, earning a medical degree in USA allows students to complete the required clinical rotations in an approved hospital in the United States. This is a true clinical rotation and not just an observership, which means graduates of these programs are poised to earn a PG in the United States.

Completing the PG residency as well as an MBBS medical degree in the USA opens the door for students in India to become doctors in the United States. Graduates from Spartan Health Science University are in high demand in USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and in various other countries across the globe.

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