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The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation

The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation has resources dedicated to teaching and spreading awareness. Based in Las Vegas, NV, ZACHOR wants to remind the masses why genocide prevention is important. In that regard, its archives chronicles one of history’s most horrific periods.

With the passage of time, each generation distances itself from the poignancy of the Holocaust. Founded by an actual survivor, the foundation strives to keep an unforgettable story alive. ZACHOR advocates and speaks out against genocide and issues deeply ingrained in such. Issues that still overwhelm people around the world today: injustice, intolerance, racism, intimidation and bullying.

Developed and founded by Ben Lesser, a living Holocaust survivor, the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation is dedicated to educating all, their newest learning resource the ZHC learning curriculum. Taking full advantage of media, it is an interactive experience designed with six turnkey lesson plans. The study involves photography, videos and personal anecdotes. It utilizes historical photography and an interactive timeline. Activities and dialogue promises ease of use for teachers and lasting impact on students.

One of the more fascinating aspects of the genocide prevention program is StoryFile. This is an app that allows direct interaction with founder Ben Lesser. Viewers can directly engage with Lesser via his extensive recorded testimony. Ask a question and Lesser provides an answer. You can even request a transcript of your interactive conversation after.

Through the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation and Lesser’s own words, this historic and heroic story of millions will always be available. They will be used, as the foundation’s mission states, to ensure no one forgets.

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