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5 Questions Before You Choose a Preschool

Selecting the right school for your child is a decision with long-term consequences. If you want to be confident in your choice, then here are a few questions you’ll want to ask to help you pick the right option.

How far is it?

Location is a factor, as you wouldn’t want to send your child to a school that’s too far away from home. Otherwise, your child will need to spend a lot of time traveling to and from school. Given that there’s a pandemic, your child won’t be subjected to that experience any time soon. But when the situation changes, you want your child ready and choosing a school with a good location is a wise decision.

What is its reputation?

When people talk about the school, what do they say? What kind of reputation does that preschool in Jeffersontown, KY have? Are there a lot of positive comments? What about negative feedback? What kind of track record does the school have?

What is the background of the staff?

You want teachers with the proper educational background to look after your child. That will help ensure that your child is in the right hands. Beyond credentials, though, you also want teachers who know go beyond their work to inspire, motivate, and encourage the kids. You want teachers who are invested in the children.

What is its educational philosophy?

The school’s educational philosophy is reflected in the teaching methodology of the school, in its approach to learning. For instance, some schools are known for their holistic approach. Others provide a traditional approach. Which one will help your child achieve his or her potential?

What are the activities?

Do the kids have time to nap? Are the meals and snacks provided? What kind of lessons do the kids learn? Ask about those in detail.

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