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Learn Unique Skills That Turn Your Love for Water Into A Career

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and heading off to a job that you actually find fulfilling and enjoyable. If you have a love for deep water or have always wondered what it would be like to try commercial scuba diving training, then this school in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, is a great place to get your feet wet!

Convenient Student Housing on Location

Steps away from the school is a beautiful home complete with 35 rooms capable of providing comfortable living spaces for up to 148 co-ed students. Each unit is furnished with modern furniture and plenty of room to relax after a long day of diving. You’ll also find popular Charleston shopping and dining within a short walk of your accommodations should you choose to live on the property.

Another perk of living at these on-campus student apartments is that you have all the comforts of home available in your unit. All the appliances you need, including a washer and dryer that doesn’t require quarters to operate, are available for your convenience.

Several Training Opportunities Available

The commercial diving industry is a unique one that is always in need of fresh meat to dive into the deep to tackle some of the industry’s most challenging problems. Though every student has specific certifications they must obtain, like the Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supply certification, you will also have options like Underwater Welding, Underwater Burning, HAZWOPER/HAZMAT, and other commercial scuba diving training.

Contact the International Diving Institute in Charleston at to learn more about the various programs offered.

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