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Reasons Why Bullying Prevention Campaigns Are So Important

Bullying is something that goes on every day, often resulting in depression and sometimes suicide. With so many people using social media, bullying has gotten much harder to deal with when it is coming from hundreds of people or more. For these reasons and more, the I-SHOUT-OUT’s bullying prevention campaign was started in order to help stop the spread of bullying on all levels.

Awareness Brings About Change

In order to do something about an issue, you must first know that a problem exists. When it comes to cyberbullying, many people don’t look at it as bullying at all, but just them giving their opinion. However, when the opinions are outright hateful and meant to hurt the other person in some way, that is where a clear line is being crossed.

Saving Lives

Because the internet can allow you to interact with so many people in one space, a person might find themselves having to deal with thousands of different people. This can be an ego boost to have thousands of people praising you. However, if the love turns to hate, this can cause some people to serious damage to a person’s mental health and self esteem. Bringing awareness to cyberbullying can help further educate people about how their online actions effect others.

The more people are aware of and take part in thebullying prevention campaign, the less there will be a need for it. Hopefully, people can see the harm that bullying causes, and they will do their part to use social media responsibly.

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