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Nevada Residents Can Overcome Injustice by Learning About the Holocaust

The best way to defeat discrimination, injustice, racism, and bullying is with Holocaust education. The atrocities committed during the Holocaust were a result of these hateful thought processes. Organizations, Holocaust survivors, and others who want to learn a lesson from the past educate others on diversity, tolerance, and respect. The Holocaust is a good example of how triumph can come after a tragedy. This education is also important when it comes to not forgetting the more than six million people who were victims of the Holocaust.

Ben Lesser and other dedicated individuals have worked hard to educate others on the Holocaust and show we can learn from the past to defeat injustice and discrimination today. He has created a Holocaust teaching plan that is available online. It is a simple to use teaching tool that can benefit young people and adults.

The Holocaust teaching plan incorporates personal experiences, videos, pictures, timelines, and more. The goal is to help students question how these events were able to take place and what they can do to prevent it from every happening again. In addition to remembering those who were victims of the Holocaust, it helps people focus on how they can have meaningful lives and help others.

The lessons are uniquely designed to promote personal reflection. They help students think about their values, integrity, and choices.

Learn how uses the experience of Ben Lesser, who is a Holocaust survivor, to teach others about the genocide of the European Jews and offers interactive teaching tools by visiting the following website

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