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When You Want More Free Time to Do Your Own Art, You Teach Art to Others

Some people teach art because they can’t really do art themselves. Others teach art because they want to share their love of art with young artistic minds. Finally, there’s the last group of art teachers who are very good at art, love it passionately, and want to do more of their own art on every ounce of free time they can get. It is a well-known fact that teachers get a lot of time off during the year, leaving it wide open for them to do as they please. If you gravitate toward teaching art, a Master in art education program may be ideal for you for all of the following reasons.

Teaching Art at the College Level Gives You Even More Time to Work on Your Own Art
Rather than twenty to forty hours each week teaching little kids or teens art, you could teach college kids. These young adults take a class from you for a few hours each week. You spend a few more hours creating your lesson plans and curriculum, and the rest of the time is your own. Teaching college art leaves lots of time in your schedule to do your own art.

College Art Professors Make a Lot More Money
A Master in art education means that you make a lot more money teaching art to college students. It’s much more than teaching art at the elementary or secondary levels. If you make tenure, you make even more money. If this degree program interests you, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago online today.

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