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Let Your Teaching Be Part of the Worldwide Path Peace and Compassion

Teaching Holocaust to high schoolers with the use of the Zachor Holocaust Curriculum is a task you will feel blessed to be part of. Using this curriculum of free, interactive lesson plans will amaze you at the depth of capabilities and understanding in the young students you teach.

How It Came About

The Zachor Holocaust Curriculum came to be when those associated with the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation wanted an updated, all-encompassing way to teach young people about the Holocaust. Ben Lesser, the founder of the foundation, wanted to teach high school students about his own experiences as well as those of others who were affected by the horror. His message of Zachor, which means remember, is instilled in every lesson.

The Curriculum

The curriculum used in teaching Holocaust to high schoolers includes stories told through photographs as well as audio and video narrations. The historical lessons are informational and personal relating to facts. Puzzles, timelines, and hundreds of stories told by Ben Lesser are part of the teaching process.

The curriculum provides a detailed timeline to help clarify how quickly these events escalated and soon took over many people’s lives. StoryFile allows participants to listen ask Ben Lesser questions using an interative AI program, geared toward created a learning experience that will last a lifetime.

Help Your Students Learn from History

Please see Zachor Holocaust Curriculum at to find out how you can teach your students about the Holocaust. Tools used to teach compassion for others are always necessary and appreciated.

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