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Understanding The Primary Days When the Holocaust is Honored in America

One of the most important ways to honor people who have lost their lives in tragedy is with a memorial. That is why Holocaust Memorial Days have become significant memorials to victims of the Holocaust and their families, as well as World War II veterans and their families.

Holocaust Memorial Days

While many memorial events generally are honored on a single day, because the events of the Holocaust and World War II were so far-reaching, there are several days a year that are considered Holocaust memorial days. There are usually five times a year when the Holocaust is honored in America.

  • Holocaust Remembrance Days
  • Memorial Day
  • Veterans Day
  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • VE Day on May 8th

Holocaust Remembrance Days

The most notable time for honoring the victims and events of the Holocaust is known as Holocaust Remembrance Days. This was formally adopted by Congress in 1979 as an eight-day period of commemorations to honor the victims of the Holocaust. It is also a time when there is a heightened focus on civic education about the events of the Holocaust.

In addition, the United Nations established a day of remembrance for all nations in 2005. It is commemorated on January 27th and is known as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is the day the Soviet Army liberated the prisoners of the Auschwitz Death Camp.

You can learn more about Holocaust memorial commemorations by visiting the Zachor Foundation at The foundation is a Holocaust educational and informational platform with programs and interactive lessons created by Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser.

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