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Teaching Tolerance to Protect Against Racism and Ethnic Cleansing

When there is a major global conflict, it can be crucial to take the time to understand the root causes. While many of the causes are disputes over land and power, these can be camouflaged as disputes over other issues such as race, ethnicity, or religion.

The Importance of Teaching Tolerance

When looking to enhance and teach the importance of tolerance, it can be vital to use the lessons of the past to ensure the future does not mirror the failures of the past. This can be easily seen by looking at the root causes of the Holocaust.

The Powerful Lessons of the Holocaust

One of the things that made the Holocaust so shocking is how many regular civilians found themselves caught up in believing that removing the Jews from their communities would solve their financial calamities.

Hitler was initially a master at wooing people into believing his removal of the Jews was necessary to give Germans back their jobs and stabilize their economy. However, over time, the truth of Hitler’s evil regime was exposed as he not only removed the Jews but he imprisoned, tortured, and killed them. He then went on to not only imprison German Jews but was emboldened with power to remove all European Jews and marched on with a lust for global power.

Teaching tolerance for other races, cultures, and religions can significantly reduce the propensity of those in power towards ethnic cleansing wars.

You can learn more about teaching tolerance from the lessons of the Holocaust at ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation or visit

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