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Why Holocaust Education Is Relevant to the Present Young Generation

Have you ever heard of the state-ordained genocide that took place between 1933 and 1945 by Nazi Germany? Well, if you haven’t heard, then it means you aren’t a staunch historian. The murder of six million European Jews, commonly referred to as the Holocaust, was amongst the worst mass atrocity that should never be experienced in the future. The defining moments of the holocaust help shape the present world and understanding of humanity. That’s said, there is a great need for students to undergoes holocaust education due to many reasons.

First, holocaust education provides learners with the ability to become active and responsible members of society. This is because the holocaust brings to your attention how fragile the societal structure is, especially if human rights and freedom aren’t protected—as such, studying the holocaust makes learners take human rights with seriousness. In addition, if the younger generation learns about the holocaust, they won’t prioritize societal discrimination and prejudice.

Furthermore, teaching the young generation about the holocaust helps equip them with the knowledge to explore and get inspired by past historical events. Therefore, they will be encouraged to uphold and cultivate positive cultural behavior, such as building understandings and respective diversity.

Last but not least, teaching the holocaust to the present generation makes them understand the potential danger that can arise when people are subjected to the extreme of disparate situations. Awareness of human values can also prevent extreme ideologies, acts of a group targeted violence and abuse of power.

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