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A Degree Or A Data Science Certificate?

It seems that no matter what area of employment you choose, there is always a debate about the value of a degree over a certificate. When it comes to choosing between a degree in big data or data analytics and a data science certificate, there are some important differences to keep in mind.

For students in New York, or those interested in coming to the city for their education, both options are available. By comparing the basic differences between the two, and also thinking about the challenges and positives for each, you can determine which is the best option for your specific career goals.

The time you will invest in obtaining a data science certificate compared to a degree is one of the most important factors to consider. To obtain a certificate, you can attend our intensive 12-week full time immersive program that focuses in specifically on the skills, knowledge, and real-world applications you will need for a job in the data science field.

With a degree program, depending on whether it is an undergraduate or graduate program, you will need to commit to your education for years. The duration of the program will be a function of the specific university or college you attend, if you are a full or part-time student, and if you are able to take courses over the summer or not.

A certificate program of any type  is short, intense and specialized, and while not inexpensive, it is only a fraction as costly as a degree program. This makes it very appealing to both current graduates looking for specific training as well as working professionals making a career change or obtaining formal training to advance in a current position.

Career Goals
Considering your past experience and education, as well as your career goals for the future,  will be critical to choosing between a data science certificate and a degree program.

For many professionals, especially those taking an MBA or Master program from a New York or out of state institution, adding the certificate separately allows them to focus in a specific area of business through their degree, then complete the intensive training on analytics and data science as a separate but equally important component of their professional training.

This is a common option for those interested in upper-level management positions, for consultants, and for those interested in research as it is a complementary component that only enhances their business skill set. Click here to get additional info

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