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Steps Toward Effective Crisis Resolution in the Workplace

One of the most damaging and threatening occurrences to any industry is the event of a crisis in the workplace. It’s been proven time and time again that a scandal or crisis can lead to repercussions beyond repair. The mere mention of the word crisis immediately leads company executives and legal teams to go into overhaul in an attempt to address, diffuse and calm the matter before it gets out of control. It’s a negative situation that can effect one or more individuals in the workplace and sometimes, the customers and clients as well. Failure to handle it properly can immediately lead to a ruined reputation or worse, complete demise of the company. Therefore, it’s essential that a plan of action is set in place in every industry in the event of a crisis scenario.

Establish Leadership

One of the most crucial aspects of effective crisis management is the leadership skills of the team that is designed to address issues of crisis if and when they occur. Many crisis can be effectively managed or properly diffused when the team of leaders responsible for the containment is aggressive and hands on in the area of settlement. This translates into strong interaction with the media, employees involved and other important parties in the situation as well. There must be a genuine and clear understanding of what is at stake and a main goal to lose as little as possible while preserving the credibility of the company and the reputation of those involved.


Crisis management within any business can only be effectively approached with high quality communication. There must be a clear and effective message delivered by the company and this should be done immediately. The public and other customers are watching and will read a lot into the manner in which you respond. Don’t rely on the media to paint a picture for what has transpired but instead, put your story out first. Let the people know that your intention is to resolve the matter as effectively and as soon as possible. Communicate with allies in the company and make certain that everyone is in sync about what is going on in the situation. Any information that is delicate or too sensitive to be revealed, be up front about the reason behind it. In every case, maintain the integrity of the company and the team by practicing honesty and complete availability during the crisis.

Steps for Crisis Resolution should be taken as soon as the issue is revealed. Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting values quality crisis training for all industries.

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