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What to Do with a Degree in Arts Administration

Choosing to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration can be a rewarding degree program. Arts administration is a curriculum that prepares students for both the artistic and business aspects of a career in the arts. This prepares you for a wide range of jobs managing arts venues and galleries, but what exactly should you expect to be doing after graduation?

Supervising Staff

When you are working in the arts, you should expect to work with both paid employees and volunteers. This is because many college students and local artists choose to volunteer their time to supporting local arts. You will be in charge of overseeing this staff and making sure they are performing their jobs.


This is one area that is generally specific to arts administrators because it combines the artistic side of your business with the financial side. This will often mean budgeting not only for staff but for sets and decorations, so keeping a good budget is important to your success as an arts administrator.

Write Grant Proposals

If you are working with a community art center or gallery then you may be in charge of writing grant proposals. This is how many of these smaller centers stay in business, through government grants. These come from federal and local governments, but require submitting a proposal and being selected to receive the grant to help.

Run Fundraisers

Another business aspect, you may be expected to organize and manage fundraisers for your gallery or arts center. This is often needed to raise money for the next show for smaller theaters and can help in providing new equipment. It will be up to you to organize the fundraiser and spread the word.

When working in arts administration, you can expect to perform tasks on both sides. You will be performing many business oriented tasks to keep your gallery running efficiently and to help raise money. On the other hand, you will be expected to oversee staff and keep things in order. Click here to find out more, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

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