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Let Laughter be your Umbrella

They always say you can let a smile be your umbrella, however if you really want to stay dry laughter is the way to go. When your team is suffering from serious morale issues one of the best ways to get them feeling better about their situation is to use laughter. Nothing can be worse for morale than a work environment where people sit hunched over their desks, hard at work without a bout of light hearted laughter at least once a day.

Endless Toil

In an economy where lay offs are still a real fear many people keep their heads down to avoid getting negative attention. In this kind of work environment where it seems there is nothing but endless toil you will not have an effective work team. Happy people are far better producers than those who are mired in a hopeless sense of despair. If this attitude is allowed to thrive it creates dangerous under grumblings that can eat away at your team and bring down even the brightest optimist in the group. You have to lighten the mood and let people see it is okay to enjoy their jobs and a bit of downtime with coworkers throughout the day.

Effective Leadership

By offering a more realistic view in the work place where camaraderie is encouraged it is necessary to show people it is okay to work with humour to lighten the mood and the heavy weight people are carrying on their shoulders. Sometimes hiring a Humorous Speaker in Chicago helps to boost morale and let people see you are serious about getting less serious. A keynote speaker can provide valuable insight in how to improve productivity using humour. They will demonstrate the importance of humour and the role it plays in keeping people happy and focused. A good overview will set the stage for a new form of leadership where humour is used to alleviate stress and encourage team work without interfering with competency and diligence.

Don’t Wait Too Long

The most important thing when dealing with morale issues is to avoid waiting too long to try to offer staff a boost. The longer it is allowed to go on the more damage it can do to a team. Poor morale leads to less caring towards duties, less reliability and often the loss of good people. As soon as you sense an issue with morale you have to nip it in the bud and then focus on creating the environment required to keep morale high and people productive.

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