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A Brief Explanation of Genocide and How the World Addresses It

Genocide prevention is something that all countries should focus on. Genocide is a crime against people, and it does not just include murder. Today, officials have documented many other methods that others have used to ethnically cleanse or eliminate a particular race or creed from the planet.


In order to actively foster genocide prevention, people must be willing to recognize the signs and actions. Murder is the most obvious one, but it can also be mental cruelty. Emotional and physical harm can erode a class of people just as killing them can. Another action would be to debilitate their livelihood or living conditions to destroy them physically. Reducing or preventing births as well as forcibly taking their children are signals of genocide.

Mass Atrocities

Many international committees address large-scale violence against specific populations. Often, they label them as crimes against humanity instead of genocide. Some examples are when armed militia kill many civilians in less than one year. The international community has spelled out precisely what is considered mass atrocities or killings. These actions do not fall under genocide exactly. The events might be taken up as war crimes.


There are five main categories under genocide. The leaders recognize and have spelled out other conditions that lead to the eradication of specific populations, but they have placed some of those under ethnic cleansing and mass killings. Genocide is a recognized criminal act that the international community takes action against. To learn more about genocide prevention and what the Jewish people went through, contact at

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