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New Models of Cultural Inclusion that Benefit Companies

Business culture is constantly evolving. Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the 21st-century, but simply paying lip service to tick off the equal opportunity boxes means a company is missing crucial gains. Here are a few tips on how to leverage your status as

  1. The Benefits of Nurturing Inclusion

There are new ways of thinking about cultural inclusion that isn’t based on ways of thinking about diversity that today seem simplistic and out of touch. Business Today advocates a forward-thinking approach as letting go of categorical definitions of diversity on paper. Gender, race and ethnicity are no longer sufficient to foster diversity and inclusion. Business leaders must consider the finer points of cultural contexts, including political views, sexual orientation and gender identity and disabled employees. What are the benefits? Productivity, loyalty and a team that’s invested in your work.

2. Embracing Holistic Growth

Ensuring your company culture embraces the finer points of what impacts marginalized employees is only the beginning. Holistic growth is all about an overall approach to wellness and confidence. An employee who expects to be sidelined due to any condition that marginalizes them is going to be an employee who never reaches their potential. Encouraging holistic growth that nourishes body, spirit and work/life balance creates better work quality and allows your team members to reach their potential.

3. Becoming a Thought Leader

Sticking to old business models that treat every employee the same without taking personal issues and lifestyles into account is ineffective. It’s a type of old-fashioned thinking and harms more than helps. There are many challenges and issues that some of your team may be facing and working through that others aren’t, especially those figuring out their place in the workforce. Manage employees with cultural awareness and you will be rewarded with their best performance and ideas.

Inclusion isn’t just about ticking off the diversity boxes. It’s about maximizing your team members’ talent by being sensitive and aware of their identities and issues. To get the best out of your employees, provide the workplace culture for them to succeed.

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