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Official Memorial Days For Honoring the Victims of the Holocaust

A Tribute to Holocaust Victims

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in the 20th century. Historians worldwide estimate that at least 6-million people were brutally murdered in this genocidal campaign against the European Jews, with most of the casualties occurring during the final stages of World War II. At first, millions of Jewish prisoners were held inside concentration camps in several countries throughout Europe. However, the Nazis ultimately implemented the so called “Final Solution” a plan that involved the systematic murder of all of Europe’s Jewish populations on an industrial scale. By the time Americans and Soviets liberated the concentration camps in 1945, over the course of just a few short years, millions of Jews had been killed by the Nazi regime. Since then, various governments all over the world have supported Holocaust memorial days for remembering the victims of the genocide to help ensure that such events never transpire in this world again.

Remembering Holocaust Victims Worldwide

Holocaust memorial days were officially introduced on a global scale in 2005 by the United Nations. Thanks to this major global organization, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed on January 27th across the world. However, Israel has also set up another special day to commemorate the genocide against the Jews in WWII. Yom Hazikaron laShoah is a Hebrew term that denotes a memorial day that specifically pays tribute to the Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. This memorial day is observed based on the Jewish calendar and therefore, the exact date of the holiday varies widely on the Gregorian calendar that’s used by most nations across the world. In general, Israel’s Holocaust memorial day occurs in April or May.

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