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Grow Kids Interest in WI Agriculture for Learning, Health, and Careers

Childhood is the best time to help kids better understand and appreciate how food gets from farms to their tables. Since 1983, interactive agriculture programs in Wisconsin are included in K-12 curricula. Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation has a successful track record of introducing new generations to ‘agricultural arts’ through education programs.

Educators use agricultural models for engaging real-life applications and greater relevance of the sciences, nutrition, and social studies, capturing kids’ attention over abstract concepts. They’ll learn the historical significance of Wisconsin’s dairy industry as part of the state’s heritage.

Students gain skills in vertical farming and aeroponics, learning about the life cycle of plants, They’ll grow and eat a bounty of colorful fruits and vegetables. Through nutritional education, students create healthy, tasty recipes. They’re fun to prepare and share with their families, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment. They might even enjoy foods they’ve disliked by preparing them in new ways.

From pollination, germination, transgenics, honeybee-keeping, animal husbandry and beyond, learning opportunities abound.

Agriculture programs in Wisconsin introduce 21st century career opportunities that merge agricultural arts with innovative technologies, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Opportunities exist to build and reinforce community connections, including the importance of their own individual contributions, positively impacting their communities.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation welcomes educators’ suggestions for lesson plans or companion resources to keep K-12 agriculture programs in Wisconsin thriving. View education programs by visiting

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