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The Four Different Ways to Celebrate Holocaust Memorial Days

Holocaust memorial days are somber days. The world pauses to remember the millions of Jews killed during the holocaust. This blog post discusses how people commonly commemorate holocaust memorial days in the United States.

Read and Learn About the Holocaust

One way to commemorate the Holocaust is to learn about it. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a variety of resources, including an online encyclopedia and many first hand primary source materials. There are also many books available on the subject.

Visit a Memorial

Another way to commemorate the Holocaust is to visit one of the many memorials that have been consecrated in memory of the victims. The most well-known memorial is the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., but there are many others worldwide.

Attend a Service

Many people choose to commemorate the Holocaust by attending a service at their local synagogue or church. This is often done on Yom HaShoah; the day set aside to remember the Holocaust by the nation of Israel.

Light a Candle

One simple way to honor the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust is to light a candle. This can be done on your own or as part of a larger ceremony.

Visit Zachor for More Information

The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation offers an online Holocaust Memorial Candle Lighting Ceremony that individuals or groups can use. No matter how you choose to commemorate the Holocaust, it is important to remember the victims and to stand up against bigotry and hatred. visit for more information.

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