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Is luxury brand management a good career choice?

As a career option, luxury brand management has been around for as long as the fashion industry has existed. However, it is only in the last few years that this career choice has exploded several times over, and luxury brand managers have now found their place in several other industries like automobile, technology, and the tourism industry.

What does a luxury brand manager do?

Your job role as a luxury brand manager will be similar to that of a product manager, but you will be targeting a completely different demographic. You will primarily be in charge of handling the strategies of upscale brands and marketing them by creating unique and memorable experiences and delivering unmatched personal service to the clientele.

Branding is an exceptionally important aspect of luxury brand management, as not only does it help deliver the message that they want to convey through their products and services, but it also helps build meaningful relationships with the audience, who in turn, become loyal customers.
What skills does a luxury brand manager need?

Luxury brand manager aspirants need excellent behavioural skills and the ability to make people care and listen. Getting into this career is relatively straightforward, with most universities requiring minimum enrolment age of 21, an undergraduate degree from a recognised university, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.

In addition to your academic credentials, you will be expected to display the following skills:

  • Communication skills: the ability to convey the brand’s message clearly and concisely, while liaising with colleagues and third parties.
  • Research: the ability to follow the latest industry trends and create strategies surrounding those.
  • Attention to detail: Being observant about how customers might perceive the message, especially when handling sensitive topics.

With the right kind of expertise, the scope of career growth in luxury brand management is tremendous. Not only does it offer good salary prospects, but it also offers a chance to work with top names in an industry like industrialists and celebrities.

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