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Why Tier 2 Interventions Are Vital for School Success | A Complete Guide

Tier 2 interventions are individualized instructional support services designed to address the needs of students who need more support than universal classroom instruction provides. The goal of Tier 2 interventions is to teach essential skills that help reduce the risk of academic or behavior problems. Tier 2 interventions can be vital for school success because they are:

Student Focused

Tier 2 interventions focus on the specific academic and behavioral skills an individual student needs to succeed. This allows the student to receive instruction and support that is personalized to each individual students need.


Tier 2 interventions are more focused than Tier 1 instruction because they are targeted to meet specific needs. Tier 2 interventions include frequent direct instruction, personalized coaching and meaningful progress monitoring.


Because Tier 2 interventions are individualized, they help students apply concepts to their individual lives and goals to cement learning and drive change. Students are able to identify and set goals for their personal, emotional, social and academic needs and work towards making the changes they desire.


Tier 2 interventions are adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of students. They are not intended to be a long-term solution, but rather to adjust as students acquire skills and make progress, Tier 2 interventions are flexible to provide the support a student needs while allowing adjustments as those needs reduce. The ultimate purpose of Tier 2 interventions is to work toward releasing students back to universal Tier 1 support.


The interventions that support Tier 2 students should be grounded in research and proven effective. This means that you can be confident that your students receive the best possible instruction.


Tier 2 interventions are typically implemented early in the school year or any time a student shows signs of struggle that isn’t improving with Tier 1 support. This allows students to get the support they need before they fall behind.

If you desire the best outcome for your students, it’s critical to implement Tier 2 interventions that are accessible, equitable, effective and affordable. Contact EmpowerU today and find out how a customized Tier 2 intervention program can be tailored to meet your unique needs. They understand the importance of these interventions and how they are vital for student and school success.

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