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The Importance Of Understanding The Global Impact of The Holocaust

Of all the events in recent human history, one of the most complex and disturbing events was the Holocaust. No time in modern history had the world witnessed such heinous behavior by a regime towards human life.

The Holocaust By the Numbers

The exact number of Holocaust victims killed is unknown. Historical estimates have it at over 6 million Jewish people and another 11 million people who died as a secondary result of Nazi Germany’s purge of the Jews and other groups. The number of people who survived the atrocities also totaled in the millions.

Dealing With the Impact

All of Europe was significantly impacted by Hitler’s regime and its goal of Jewish extermination and global control. Countries like Poland lost over 90% of their Jewish population, and Ukraine and Russia lost nearly 3 million people each, comprising both Jewish and non-Jewish people. Even in the smaller countries like Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, and the Netherlands, the death toll included over 70% of their Jewish people. Nearly three-quarters of a million Jews fled to Israel.

Because of the events that occurred during this horrific time, understanding the driving factors that led to the Holocaust is vital. First-hand accounts from Holocaust victims play an essential role in understanding the personal experiences and impacts during this time.

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