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Discover the best Holocaust curriculum for all ages and budgets

Finding the right Holocaust curriculum can be hard but following a few simple tips will lead you to the perfect study plan.

Visiting Jewish schools can be a great way to find Holocaust curricula. Many of these schools are open for public tours, especially if the facility is historic. You can talk to teachers or even the president of the school to find out what lessons they use and how you can find them.

Visiting local colleges can also help you find a great Holocaust curriculum for teachers. Whether these colleges are Jewish in nature or not, they will have studies dedicated to Judaism and Jewish history. You might even find upcoming trips to which you can take your entire classroom.

Exploring local synagogues can also introduce you to the curriculum you need. Some Synagogues have schools, whether for adults or children or both. They also have a list of local Holocaust museums, too. These museums are another great resource for locating learning materials for all grades and ages.

An example of a great Holocaust curriculum for teachers is This website houses lessons made by Ben Lesser, who is a Holocaust survivor himself. These lessons are easily explained and accessible. They can be accessed and all types of electronic devices and the lessons can be printed out at will, too. You can contact them here

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