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Going to Art School Is a Great Way to Become a Professional Animator

If you are looking to break into the filmmaking industry, there’s a lot to be said for going into school for animation. Popular culture is enjoying an animation renaissance. Thanks to Pixar and the explosive growth of anime fandom, people are increasingly seeing animation as a suitable form of entertainment for all ages. In fact, it’s routine for critically acclaimed animated films to deal with mature themes.

Why Going to School for Animation Could Be an Ideal Choice

Going to a high-quality art institute is one way to gain the skills you need to become an animator for film and television. Animation skills are extraordinarily versatile. Animators are not only in demand for creating scripted animated films. People routinely use animation in commercials, corporate training videos and all types of trailers.

Modern animation involves the use of computer imaging software. And given that an artist is only as effective as their command of their medium, learning to use the industry-standard tools will provide you with a head start for working as a CGI effects professional.

You may be surprised to find how flexible art schools are today. These days, major art schools typically offer a mix of in-person classes and online classes. Whatever your age or circumstances, pursuing an arts education can prove highly profitable. Even if you’ve deferred your artistic aspirations, the flexibility of modern art programs could mean that now is the perfect time to get back to what you love.

It’s never too late to shake up your life habits and try new things. To learn more about going to school for animation, visit and interface with the acclaimed School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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