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Creating an Organization for Holocaust Survivors is Easy and Fun

You may have a dream to start an online survivors fund for Holocaust survivors, but where to start might have you doubting the whole thing. Heeding a plethora of principles will help you develop the fund for Holocaust survivors that you have been dreaming about.

The first way to create a Holocaust survivors’ foundation is to speak with Jewish people. These could be people you have known all your life, Jewish people at a local temple, or Jewish speakers at local gatherings. Your goal is to find out how other Holocaust funds were established, ways you can get started today, and where the money is needed most.

Another way to figure out ways to start this type of fund would be to search online. Searching on websites such as FaceBook and Pinterest should help you discover several different creative ways in which you can create this type of fund. It is also important that you speak to as many friends and family members as possible; they might have an idea or two that will help you create the fund and bring in the most amount of money possible.

A fantastic Holocaust survivors foundation is The organization is led by Ben Lesser, and you can visit the website to find out how to create your own organization to help Holocaust survivors all around the world. The organization is also a good place to gather free resources which can be used when engaging in activities surrounding activities in regard to your own fund. You can reach them here

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