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Things to Consider when Sending Your Kids to Private School in New York City

If you’re thinking about sending your kids to private school in New York City, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. In this blog post, you’ll explore some of the most important factors to keep in mind when making your decision.


One of the first things you’ll need to think about is location when you want your kids to attend a private school in New York City. If you want your kids to be able to walk or take public transportation to school, you’ll need to find a school that’s conveniently located.

You should also consider whether you want your kids to attend a school in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx. Each borough has its own unique character and schools tend to reflect that.


Another important factor to consider is cost. Private schools in New York City can be quite expensive, so you’ll need to make sure you can afford the tuition. You should also look into financial aid and scholarships that might be available.


Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that the school your kids attend has strong academics. You should look at test scores and talk to parents whose kids attend the school, such as La Scuola d’ Italia. Try to get a sense of the quality of education your children will be receiving.


If your kids are interested in playing sports or participating in other extracurricular activities, you’ll want to find a school that offers those programs. Some private schools have competitive sports teams while others focus more on the arts or other activities.

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