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Unlock Knowledge and Potential with a Master of Science in Historic Preservation Degree

As people move through the world, they often take for granted the cultural heritage that surrounds them. From grand palaces to modest family homes, these environments are a part of our collective history and tell stories of the people who lived there and historical events.

At SAIC, the Master of Science in Historic Preservation program prepares and teaches students the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze, protect, and celebrate the cultural and architectural heritage within historical buildings and places.

Why Study Historic Preservation

Studying historic preservation at SAIC aids us in keeping old architecture and cultural heritage alive and relevant, which promotes economic development, tourism, and allows people to understand the past more deeply. Students learn to identify, document, and advocate for historical sites and create and implement effective conservation strategies.

Students also gain a deep understanding of how to conduct research and develop plans for preservation projects.

Career Fields

Graduates from the program can pursue a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit careers, such as preservation consultants and planners, restoration architects, building materials consultants, interior designers, historic site managers, and more.


A Master of Science in Historic Preservation degree is invaluable when it comes to working in this field. It helps teach students how to protect our cultural and architectural heritage and provides them with the skills and knowledge to advocate for site preservation.

If you are looking for an outstanding educational program in Historic Preservation, look no further than the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This renowned institution has a dedication to excellence and the program is designed to cover a wide range of studies surrounding historical preservation, including restoration design, materials conservation, architectural histories, and preservation planning.

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