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The Wonderful World of Kindergarten in West Village

As a parent, one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make is choosing the right school for your child. While preschool may have been all about learning through play, kindergarten tends to be a little more structured as it serves as a foundation for your child’s academic journey. If your child is attending kindergarten in West Village, you might be curious about what they can expect to learn.

In this blog post, we will explore what West Village kindergarten schools will teach your child and give you a glimpse into their school day.

Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional skills play a significant role in a child’s success in school and life in general. Kindergarten in West Village aims to help your child develop these foundational skills. Children are taught how to share, take turns, and participate in group activities suitable for their age. They also learn about empathy, respect, and self-awareness. These skills help your child build positive relationships, adapt to new situations and cope with stress.


Reading and writing will be a considerable part of your child’s kindergarten experience. Children are taught how to recognize and write the alphabet, both upper and lowercase letters and their corresponding sounds. They are also introduced to sight words and learn how to read simple sentences. Additionally, they participate in read-aloud, storytelling, and retelling, which cultivate their love for reading.


Math skills are also an essential part of the kindergarten curriculum. Children learn to count, recognize numbers, learn basic addition and subtraction concepts, and how to compare numbers. They also learn about shapes, patterns, and measurements. Math is taught through hands-on activities, puzzles, and games.

Creative Arts and Music

Creative arts and music classes are a significant part of the kindergarten curriculum at Village Community School. Children are introduced to painting, drawing, coloring, and creating art. They also learn rhythms and melodies by playing simple instruments and singing songs. Creative arts and music classes encourage children to express themselves, enhance their imagination and confidence and develop their creativity.

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